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caught-by-my-friends-hot-mom-part-2-wca-productions.mp4 [885.93MB] - im still staying at my friends Jason's house and yesterday things got wild with his mom. long story short she caught me jerking off and ended up letting me jerk off in front of her while her eyes were glued to my dick. so this morning when i woke up for school i found that Jason and Mr Cane had left for school and work already. with a ragging boner i went to Mrs Canes or Jane's room as she prefers me to call her. when i walked into her bedroom she was wearing a white bathrobe and asked what i needed it. i told her i was getting ready for school but i always masturbated before school and after what we did yesterday i was wondering if she would let me do it in front of her again? she looked nervous and reluctantly agreed, i laid down on the be she shared with her husband and pulled my dick out. while she sat between my legs watching me stroke my dick i got a really wicked idea and decided to push my luck. i asked her if she ever masturbated, she was really embarrassed but said yes she did, i asked her if she thought i had a nice and big dick and she said i did. so i asked her since she had to go to work when we were done if she would want to masturbate as well. she said she couldn't do that in front of me. i told her it was fine, i didn't mind and no one would find out. she reluctantly agreed and pulled her robe aside and started masturbating through her cute panties, with her eyes glued to my cock and her hand furiously rubbing between her legs she was screaming and cumming in no time. when she came down from her high i started to cum, when i was finished we both agreed it was time to get ready for the day! This is part 2 of Caught By My Friends Hot Mom, this series stars Jane Cane. This is a POV Milf Cheating Taboo JOI Mutual Masturbating Scene.

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